"Where life is contemplated in the whimsical"

Neil's art explores elements of life, both real and imagined,  industrial and space-aged. His artistic goal was to share his curiosity boldly with color, humor and whimsy.

Neil was a musician known for his versatile contributions to the rock music scene beginning in the 1960's. He collaborated with a diverse array of notable musicians throughout his career. Neil has lent his bass guitar and vocal talents to various musical projects, showcasing his adaptability across different genres. Some notable collaborations include his work with Oscar winning composer James Newton Howard, Steve Miller, Rick James, Dave Mason and Charlie Musselwhite. Merryweather's musical journey reflects a willingness to explore and experiment, making him a respected figure in the realm of rock and blues. His collaborations have left an indelible mark on the music landscape, contributing to the rich tapestry of sounds that define his extensive career.

In addition to his love of music was his love of the visual arts. Sound is often regarded as existing only within one dimension. Commonly forgotten is its ability to reach beyond our ears, specifically in the form of visual imagery. Neil sought to explore these visual responses from auditory stimuli through its association with texture, rhythm, harmony and color.

Prior to his death on March 28, 2021, Neil was invited to participate in two shows, his art was also on loan to the City of Las Vegas by special request of Mayor Carolyn Goodman., following his first place entry in a juried competition. It was displayed outside of the Mayor's office and other county office locations. Neil was also honored with an Andy Warhol award in 1997


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